About Us

C. Aston Tobacconist was established in Manchester city centre in 1978 and was originally located in the Royal Exchange Shopping Centre.  A reputation soon evolved for the large range of smoking goods stocked and the knowledgeable service provided.  In 1980 we re-located to larger premises within the Royal Exchange Shopping Centre where we were one of the first tobacco shops outside of London to have a walk-in humidified cigar room.

Business continued to grow until 1996 when Manchester was the target of an IRA terrorist bomb attack. Unfortunately we could not continue trading due to the damage sustained to the Royal Exchange building and the internal repairs took more than two years to make the building safe again. We resumed trading in June 1998 and trade was initially quite depressed, as one would expect following such a long closure. We knew trade would eventually return and our persistence paid off and return it did. 

The Tobacco Trade has faced many challenges since 1978 and we are sure there are many more to come in the future but we must be bold and overcome these challenges if our trade is to survive. Over recent years retail has changed dramatically and it is apparent that we must change with the times. As a result we have created a website to offer our carefully selected products and professional service to a wider audience.

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